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A moment spent savoring a Torpedo from SYCIGARS is unlike any other. You realize in an instant that this is the cigar of a very privileged upbringing. From seed to cigar, every ingredient has been singled out for special treatment. First selection. Then affection. Then perfection. The perfect blend. Chosen by a process of painstaking refinement and selection which leaves no room for merely “very good”. Imagined by our master blender crated by our finest rollers, each with at least 15 years of experience. The seeds themselves were developed, germinated, and planted especially for this purpose. It is complexity and balance which sets this cigar apart. A stimulation of the senses which rises high above the ordinary. A most uncommon experience. A true masterpiece of a cigar with only the finest tobaccos! Not only due to the elegant dressing, in the exclusive aromatical Ecuadorian wrapper, but also due to the continuous changes in diameter that bring up varying flavors of leather, black pepper, cream, milk chocolate and oak wood. A perfection of sensations that will not only fill your time beautifully, but also royally Our Torpedos are hand-rolled using all premium tobacco. Not your typical under-filled bundle cigar, these gems are well-packed and the construction shows quality. We used an Ecuadorian wrapper and aged selected Nicaraguan fillers. The flavor on this blend starts off with lots of spice and strength before transitioning into a solid, medium to full-bodied cigar that delivers rich tobacco flavors.  
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