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The original card suits were based on classes and can be traced back to France around 1480. Suits included: spades (royalty), clubs (peasants), hearts (clergy), and diamonds (merchants).

During World War II, American intelligence agencies were keen to help Allied POWs escape from German prison camps. To do this, they created what became known as Map Decks. These special decks of cards looked just like a regular deck; however, when the cards were wet the POWs were able to peel them apart, revealing a portion of a map. When this was done to the entire deck a map could be constructed, revealing secret escape routes.

It is believed that 32 POWs were able to escape Colditz Castle using the cards, and, by war’s end, the cards inspired over 300 escape attempts. This is the idea behind these cigars. It is an escape to everyday life.

These Cigars although unique are still brothers and sisters in arms. These Cigars are strength and character that can barely be contained by its box. The box symbolizes a deck of cards. You can also find hidden treasures within the box itself.

Bold intensity and unconventional craftsmanship are showcased in this multi-regional blend sure to become a staple in humidors across the nation to satisfy those bold seeking palates this cigar’s unfinished foot reveals the bursting jungle, the brimming falls, the rich soil that created our suits.







Indonesian Besuki Indonesian Besuki / CT Shade Leaf Habano 2000 / CT Shade Leaf Habano 2000 Crop
Indonesian Besuki Indonesian Besuki Habano 2000 Crop Habano 2000 Crop
Indonesian Besuki Indonesian Besuki Habano 2000 Crop Habano 2000 Crop
Medium Medium Medium Medium
Length [in]


5 5


Ring Gauge


54 54


Smoke Time

60 Minutes

60 Minutes 60 Minutes

60 Minutes



Lunch Dinner




Bonus Card Trick after purchase. Email us (info@sycigars.com) your order number with “Suits” in the subject and we will send you a card trick tutorial.


CA Residents: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 cm
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