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SY Cigars-Robusto (5×50)

I was lucky enough to receive a few sticks from SY Cigars. Please check out SY Cigars on IG and sycigars.com to learn more about the company. I love being able to try cigars from up and coming companies in the industry. Currently, I am in my garage avoiding the rain. Unfortunately, my patio isn’t screened in, leaving me to retreat here during bad weather. I am in desperate need of a “she shed.” I love the look of the gothic band with black and gold colors with the SY Cigars name. And of course you all know how I feel about a foot band!

The first third of the cigar brings out earthy, leather notes. There is a bit of a kick to it also which I enjoy. It is spicy, but not overpowering at all. Don’t judge me, but my kiddo and I recently put up the Christmas tree. Yes, I know it’s early and don’t worry I love me some Thanksgiving, but it cheered us up and made him smile so I’m happy about it. However, now I am starting to panic over having to start Xmas shopping which I dread every year. Towards the halfway mark, the spiciness slows down and I am getting some smokiness.

This cigar is very smooth and construction has been great so far. Heading into the final third, the smokiness has dropped off and the spice has returned with the continual leather and earth notes. The cigar is more on the mild side and I would say an easy smoke. I am regretting the choice of wearing a dress today as I am now shivering and in need of pants. I enjoy the consistency and flavors of this stick during my 45 minute smoke time. Check them out, you won’t regret it!

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